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Founded in 2023 by Brad Hoem, Mackenzie operates as an independent advisor with a clear focus on prioritizing our clients’ interests. Profits are not our primary concern; rather, our mission revolves around securing the most favourable rates, services, and terms for you. With nearly 20 years experience in the leasing industry, Mackenzie is ideally positioned to guide you through negotiations for various lease options, be it a capital lease, operating lease, or sale & leaseback.

Our leasing services

Lease Consulting

Unbiased consulting and support analyzing quotes and negotiating to secure you the best deal.

Operating Leases

Off balance sheet financing where the lessee typically pays back less than the original cost of the equipment.

Capital Leases

Automatic transfer of ownership at the end of the lease.

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Conserve cash and credit lines


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Avoid equipment obsolescence

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